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Cape of Good Hope Pub
Warwick,  England (UK).
Donald M. Healey's favourite drinking place when
working at the Cape works.

Our "host" (Alan East-Jones) says:
"I enclose a photo of The Three Aficionados sitting  on
Donald's favourite bench
with the AHCA plaque in the background."

Daniel Stapleton  
Renowned Spridget
Willy Thompson
ILLINI Chapter Member
Alan East-Jones
(Gracious Host)
Larry Pitts, The Fourth Aficionado

by the the A.H.C.A. Plaque !
Med. Pic. Stephen Aki, The Fifth Aficionado

by the the A.H.C.A. Plaque !
Large Pic.
  The Sixth & Seventh Aficionados
Buster Evans     Frank Clarici

by the the A.H.C.A. Plaque !
Med. Pic. (640 x 548 pxs)            Large Pic. (907 x 777 pxs)
  Some info from "host" Alan East-Jones":

                      "Buster and Franks amazing journey!!"

" The two Yanks found their way to my house. We saw their hire car on our house drive from 12000 ft as we were flying back into BHX airport following a wet weekend spent in Bavaria and Austria. The plane was late, Buster and Frank were on time !
We had enough time for a quick cup of tea then we took them to Leicester (pronounced Lester  not  Lye-cess- terrr) to watch our rugby team play the London wasps in the A teams (2nd division) final . It rained, both enjoyed the mans game and Frank was impressed by the motto  No Pads , No helmets,  Just Balls!! He said it was probably the most intense hour and half of non stop physical ball game that he had ever seen. We stopped on the way home for some traditional Fish and chips served in paper and eaten in the car at the side of the road, (although Buster and Frank also had a Cornish Pastie and Frank ate a battered sausage - he wants more. During the days they were at my house  they had visited Warwick castle ( " like man, its a thousand years old! ") AH spares at Southam and the records office and library at the BMHT at Gaydon. We visited Donald Healeys favourite pub , The Cape of good Hope adjacent to the demolished Cape works and about to be redeveloped into town houses and industrial units. They had their obligatory photo taken next to the AHCA plaque in the bar. We had a typical English pub meal and Frank had a couple of pints of Two llocks beer , specially brewed for the pub. Frank couldn't get over the variety of beers, real beers, and said that he had only good pints all the time he had been here.
Wednesday hopefully saw them having a quick butchers at some of the more cultural museums and 15th century St.Mary's church in Warwick before heading down South to prepare for their onslaught of Beaulieu (Beeyoolee) auto jumble. It's a good job that the dollar is two to the pound at the moment,  otherwise we wouldn't have enough bits left for our rebuilds.


PS: Oh and by the way, home made Spotted Dick is on the menu at the Cape of Good Hope pub for dessert (or puddin')!!
Frank was contemplating having a Spotted Dick , but he was quite full from the Yorkshire Pudding with two sausages !"

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