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Solar Thermal Power Plants Are The Future Of Renewable Energy

The solar thermal power plants have become one of the key infrastructures in modern countries that are committed to the energies of the future.

In this article, we will take a look at the power plant class of structure.

What are solar thermal power plants?

A solar thermal power plant consists of an industrial facility responsible for the production of electrical energy from the heating of a fluid using solar radiation. Thus, such a fluid, upon reaching the appropriate temperature, is used in a classic thermodynamic cycle that manages to move an alternator, which is the one that ultimately generates electrical energy.

As can be seen, it is a relatively simple system for the production of electrical energy, but it has many advantages thanks to its sustainability. So if it is true that the future of business goes through its transformation Digital, it is no less true that also passes through its energy transformation.

How does this kind of power plant use energy?

To understand the way in which solar thermal power plants use energy, it is appropriate to carry out an analysis of the existing types:

Solar thermal power plant with parabolic channels. Based on the direction of the sun’s rays by means of concave mirrors that concentrate them on the heat transfer fluid, which circulates through a pipe that goes to an exchanger.

Solar thermal heliostat plant with a central receiver in a tower. They require a large surface area, since in a central area the heliostats with rotating capacity are placed distributed, which capture the solar rays and reflect them on the tower of the installation, reaching this high temperature.

Solar thermal power plant with linear Fresnel reflectors. Based on the presence of flat mirrors on a structure, which rotate around an axis to follow the path of the sun and be able to focus the sun’s rays captured on the conduit through which the heat transfer fluid passes.

The importance of solar thermal power plants today has already been known . This interesting sector is the future of energy and, therefore, the future of the world. That is why the existence of training centers whose curriculum includes postgraduate courses related to renewable energies has been revalued, as is the case of Structuralia. In fact, the vast catalog offers such interesting options as the Master in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies .

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