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How Much Does It Cost to Change the Roof of an Old House

The roof is one of those essential elements in the home, which is not usually given the attention it deserves. The passage of time can cause the roof to present defects or lose effectiveness in carrying out its work, at which point it will be necessary to repair the roof as soon as possible.

If this happens to you, you should contact a reliable company like Chicagoland Roofer and know how much roof repair costs depending on the type of reform.

How much does it cost to change a roof?

The budget for the reform of the roof will vary depending on the type of reform that is going to be carried out. Of course, the more time and work it takes to repair roofs, the higher its cost. However, some of the work required to fix roofs is simple and will prevent major problems in the future.

These are some of the main tasks that can be carried out when budgeting for a roof change:

Change of roof

Changing the roof completely is the most expensive reform that can be carried out given its characteristics. Requesting a quote to change roofs is a high cost that we have to take into account; materials, labor, and all work before you can enjoy the new roof. The reform will cost approximately between $70 and $120 per square meter. Although these prices may vary depending on the reformed company.

Leak Repair

For its part, the repair of roofs that suffer from leaks is much simpler and requires a smaller investment than in the previous case. It will also depend on the level of affectation and the part of the roof that is affected by this problem, but in general, it can cost around $1000.

Insulation improvement

If the roof is old or poorly done, it may require improvements even though it looks good. The insulation of these elements is essential to avoid losing energy inside the house, which will save on costs in the long run. The price of the insulation of the roof will depend on its size and the centimeters of insulation to be added, but the most common is that it exceeds $1500.

Tile replacement

Changing and replacing some tiles is the easiest job that can be done when repairing a roof, and therefore also the one that costs the least. The price to change tiles on a roof can be around $70 per square meter, so the final cost will depend on the number of tiles affected.

Maintenance of the roof of a house

Much of the condition of a roof depends on maintenance. The roof is the most exposed part of a home, which is why it is essential that we carry out regular maintenance tasks, with which we can check its condition and, if necessary, repair the affected areas.

  • Check the state of the entire roof at least once a year. Sometimes very small damages become more serious problems if we do not carry out regular maintenance work.
  • Be very careful with humidity, especially if your roof is flat roofed. Check the insulation and prevent puddles and accumulations of water from forming.
  • If you detect a crack, seal it immediately. As we said, a small crack can go further and cause a much more serious problem in a short time.
  • The useful life of a tile is around 50 years, if it exceeds that period of time, it is best to replace it with a new tile.
  • In roofing with asphalt cloth, it is convenient to check that the entire surface is completely covered and the cloth is in perfect condition.

Contact a roof installation company

Sometimes you work with good quality material, however, problems on roofs and covers are continuous, usually, the cause is that the installation team has not carried out a good job.

Much of the resistance of our roof is due to the installation method used, and that is that a solvent installation company can make a roof last without problems for decades, on the contrary, a poor installation can cause problems of all kinds from the first day.

When choosing an installation team or carrying out a roof repair, it is important to take into account three conditions.

  • Qualification: Installers must be qualified to perform this task.
  • Professionalism: The company must be professional, and avoid hiring companies that are not dedicated to reforms.
  • Specialized: It is always advisable to work with companies that are specialized in this type of task.

Energy reforms on roofs

One of the most common roof reforms today is those that improve the energy efficiency of the home.

The most common energy reforms are two, on the one hand, the insulation can be reinforced and also, and the installation of solar panels in this part of the house is very common.

Installing insulation improvements always helps to optimize the energy efficiency of a home, in the case of roofs, it is even more important since the heat tends to rise towards the upper areas of the home, if the insulation is not adequate, we will be wasting a large amount of the energy produced by the house.

Since 2007, the regulations in force in the USA require the use of solar panels so that a large part of the domestic hot water comes from clean sources. This mandatory instruction has led many individuals to consider the possibility of installing solar panels in their homes, with the aim of obtaining hot water from solar energy.

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