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How To Take Care Of The Headlights Of Your Car

To avoid accidents, car headlights improve visibility on the roads. It is therefor key for you to Learn how to maintain your car’s headlights.

Headlights are often overlooked when it comes to car maintenance. They are vital for safety, especially in low visibility situations. Fog is the number two cause of road accidents in bad weather. It reduces visibility. It is important to keep your car’s headlights in top condition.

Why are the headlights becoming opaque?

Polycarbonate is the plastic used to protect the car lights. It is very malleable, but is also tough to scratch and resistant to impacts.

This material is susceptible to deterioration. This material is susceptible to deterioration due to time and dirt accumulation.

The color change can affect the appearance of your car as well as the power of its light beam. It can limit the diffusion of headlights, which will reduce visibility and cause visual impairments.

How do you polish your car’s headlights?

Make sure to clean the surface of your headlights.

Headlights are exposed to a lot of dirt and grime. Use soap, water, and a soft sponge to clean them. Use masking tape to protect the edges of the headlights.

Sandpaper made from water

To remove scratches, wear and unevenness from the surface layer of the headlights’ surface, sand the area with a 400 grit sandpaper. You can then use finer sandpapers of 1000 and 2000 to achieve a homogeneous surface. You can gradually remove the imperfections caused by coarser gritsandpaper. Water-based sandpaper is unique in that the particles are not removed by the abrasive. This allows for finer finishes and uniform polish.

Sanding the headlights can be done by hand, or using tools such as an orbital or drill adapter. You should be cautious with how fast you rotate the tools and the pressure you apply to the headlights. This could cause irreparable damage. After you are done, rinse the headlight with water.

Polish the headlights

You will discover that your sanding job is not finished. The headlights will have a whitish tint to them, almost as if they had been frozen. Polish them in order to give them a shiny and translucent appearance.

Use a wool pad or sponge to apply the polishing paste and then polish in circular motions. You can use liquid silicone polish or abrasive microparticles to remove small imperfections from sanding. The headlights will be brighter and more transparent.

Use a sealer or protector

Sanding the headlights will remove the protective layer of plastic. It is possible that they will return to their original dull appearance after a few months. You will need to sealer or protect the headlights to achieve a professional look and long-lasting result.

The varnish or sealer adds an extra layer to protect against scratches and UV damage. This protector is usually included in headlight restoration kits, but it can be purchased separately. It is generally a spray that provides quick drying and increases the plastic’s shine.

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