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What Are The New Trends In Engineering 4.0

Currently, professionals in the sector are already talking about Engineering 4.0, a concept that encompasses the technological advances of production and manufacturing systems, the automation of processes and the massive integration of data.

It is a new digital scenario that, according to the consultancy specialized in recruitment, Michael Page, is also affecting the labor market. Of course, for the better … And, as your report states, companies have increased the demand for professional profiles capable of implementing the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

New technological pillars of Engineering

In this context, we highlight the different technological classifications that are playing an important role around Engineering 4.0 in the field of Engineering:

1. Reorganization of value chains

The new advances allow the creation of a virtual copy of the physical world to make decisions in a decentralized way. In this way, through intelligent factories and cyber-physical systems that monitor processes, engineering companies begin to fight for the reorganization of industrial value chains. A goal in which the Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Services (IoS) play an important role for their actors.

2. Modular factories

The customization of products , the capacity for self-optimization and the synchronization and connectivity of production capacities through flexible supply networks will, in turn, try to form collaborative distributed manufacturing networks . It is a task in which automated services are oriented in the same way, that is, with the focus on the production chain for the end customer.

3. Digital integration within the organization

Engineering 4.0 will allow engineering companies to generate data from all their processes , as well as virtual visualization in real time for the simulation, modeling and optimization of projects. Thus, it will also be possible to improve planning, access information throughout its life cycle and offer and receive value-added services.

4. Drone application

The versatility that drones provide is leading Engineering 4.0 to benefit from its applications in the different branches of Engineering: civil works (topographic surveys, geological mapping, road traffic monitoring …), building efficiency (energy evaluation), industrial and energy engineering (inspection of solar panels, location of geothermal anomalies, inspection of power lines, monitoring of water stress …) and optimization of water use.

5. Intelligent infrastructure management

Technological applications in Civil Engineering pursue the optimization of efficiency in infrastructures and buildings , their intelligent management and maintenance , as well as mobility and transport. A land that is gaining space through intelligent buildings and infrastructures that, little by little, are creating what today is known as Smart Cities.

There is no doubt that organizations still have a long way to go and many challenges to achieve around the transition of this industrial revolution, what are you waiting for to continue training at the forefront of Engineering 4.0 to continue growing as a professional?

Industrial engineering trend

The globalization of international markets makes companies increasingly competitive and this demands a higher level of production, improvements in services, implementation of new technologies, as well as greater efficiency and effectiveness of production processes. Although many students of this engineering wonder what their future will be in the job market. Companies specializing in the preparation of studies on educational trends consider that this discipline will continue to be one of those with the greatest demand from the business sector. Considering that the technology and innovation that allows the adequate strategic development of many companies where industrial engineering will facilitate their competitiveness in globalized economies,

Although other countries are not a bad option to find employment, it is necessary to master a foreign language other than English, such as Chinese, French, Russian and German mainly, since these countries are the ones that facilitate obtaining a job for graduates of this engineering.
Industrial engineering is one of the most popular engineering since its field of application is very extensive, and many exact sciences that are part of the research processes in different fields have a broad relationship.

The appearance of new trends such as sustainability, optimization and innovation of services have been a great ally of this discipline. The industrial engineer has contributed to technological developments in many areas such as control, security, industrial organization or business management, for which his recognition is more than deserved. For this reason, you must continue to learn day by day in your professional life, always keeping in mind your ability to adapt to the changes and trends that with the advancement of science and technology demand of you.

In the coming years it is expected that an industrial engineer will be versatile, innovative and impulse complex systems that allow him to play a decisive role in technological development in general.

The industrial engineer concludes his studies prepared to continue learning throughout his professional life, easily adapting to the technological changes that are taking place, or acting as the engine of these changes. If the factors behind this reality are analyzed, one begins to understand why the “product” “general industrial engineer” has a favorable adaptation to trends in automated manufacturing, which aim to carry out sustainable processes that favor the social environment where it is developed. a productive activity.

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