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Programmatic Advertising and the Future of Marketing

What is programmatic advertising?

This notorious concept is an online advertising model based on the purchase and sale of automated advertising space through internet auctions; This system allows brands and even known companies like ranwellproductions.com to advertise in any space, device and display format, thus creating connections with their users at the right time and channel, with ads that direct them to a website.

How do auction tools work in programmatic advertising?

The platforms that allow advertising to be published offer various offers to advertisers of all types of brands. It is only necessary to have a website, where the profile of the target that the advertiser is looking for is specified in order to reach it directly.

Open Auction: Also called real-time bidding, this is the most common form of programmatic auction where publishers allow advertisers to bid on their inventory simultaneously through SSP. This process allows marketers to maximize profitability by setting a minimum base price per thousand ad impressions and the highest bidder wins the impressions.

Private Auction: Publishers set the CPM price and the best advertiser wins the impressions. The inventory that publishers offer in the private auction is called premium, and they can limit impressions only to lists of originating advertisers or one type of advertiser.

Preferred agreements: Here advertisers directly negotiate the conditions and once the parties reach an agreement, the advertiser has the possibility to bid for that inventory when there is an ad request.

In Preferred Deals, there is no automated auction process, which allows them to check available inventory first.

How to create an effective programmatic advertising strategy?

To achieve the established objectives, based on the programmatic purchase of ads, an investment must first be generated, which will be defined by the advertiser and, starting from there, follow the step by step, taking into account that programmatic advertising models offer some advantages such as:

Identify the goal of the ad campaign

First of all, we must define who we want to reach with our ad. Second, we must establish a buyer persona to cover needs. Third, identify a point to reach and configure the platform with the programmatic ad strategy.

Selection of ad channels

We must find a way to optimize and analyze the performance of the ad, verifying which channels are best suited to our campaign and identifying if it is necessary to generate any type of modification.

Segment the target audience

It is necessary to do a good data segmentation, depending on the purposes, taking into account that the objective is not to invest in users but to convert their attention into potential customers.

Segment third-party audience

Third party segments are lists of user cookies that are in demographic groups, similar to your visitors, and can somehow be purchased from a third party data provider; After that process, it is possible to target these line items, as well as generate forecasts and generate reports.

Floodlight conversion tracking

It determines the effectiveness, the monetary value of the purchases that were a direct result of an online campaign with respect to sales, in the activity of the users on the website or knowing how many users bought a product or filled out an online form.

Ad Server as an attribution tool

From the need to measure a click, there is also the need to know the performance and impressions of an advertisement with respect to other digital interactions such as the viewing of a video or the generation of specific actions with a user. The Ad Servers serve advertisements within a varied ecosystem of sites that allows them to have clicks and impressions registered under a diagnostic tool.

The importance of viewability in your ads

That an ad is visible does not mean that it is seen by your target group. This indicator informs if the ads have had visibility, allowing you to understand how the campaign is working, if it is meeting the stated objective or if it is necessary to use other metrics; In addition to this, it helps to optimize and locate a problem in case it is not working.

What can you measure the results of the campaign?

Monitor the scope

Online platforms allow users to be reached anywhere in the world, a variety of formats such as audio in digital channels, online videos, social networks, television, display, dynamic banners, Gmail Ads, dynamic search ads, mobile advertising, advertising on web pages, Google Shopping Campaigns, remarketing, trueview, in which the different services can be offered, increasing the offer of this type of advertising.

Measure results and optimization

Data abounds in programmatic campaigns, and for advertisers, this brings great value, since it allows them to see what is working and what is not with the campaign, as well as being able to readjust actions or make modifications for further optimization.

Expand brand presence

Companies and media expand their presence further and become known around the world. They do not have to spend a lot of time managing programmatic advertising as it is enough to mount it on the ad platforms and wait for everything to start working. However, it should be clarified that human intervention is necessary since it is the professional who measures and analyzes the results of any action carried out in an ad campaign. Its function, more than collecting information and analyzing the data, is to be able to interpret the information, establish cause-effect relationships against the actions taken, establish new objectives, which are consistent with the performance of the campaign and the evolution of the data collected.

Platforms that will help you in the process

If we talk about programmatic advertising, the challenge is to expand and take it to the next level. Programmatic spending is increasing every year and is expected to continue to grow without limits. Some platforms are:

Google Chrome, a tool that manages to bring together innovation, 3D ads, data analysis, information collection for advertisers and manage to be more efficient every day.

MediaMath, a pioneer in programmatic advertising, allows you to launch, analyze and optimize advertising campaigns in various formats and channels such as mobile devices, social networks, audiovisual and traditional media such as television. Its main functions include Data capture, campaign management, ad network integration, audience segmentation and monitoring of a company’s ROI.

AppNexus is a tool that provides real-time access to media buyers, enhancing a buyer’s ability to meet delivery, performance and audience reach goals. Key features include Programmable Bidding, Bid Flow, Impression Records, Segment Activation Services, Visible Performance Tools, and API Integrations.

Teads, an advanced digital content pre-testing tool that helps predict the success of advertising campaigns, allows advertisers to map and understand how their video ad content will perform in terms of view rate (VTR) and commitment, before launching your campaign.

33% of marketers use paid advertising to increase brand awareness. This is why companies have begun to identify the possibility of reducing costs, and improving their performance with digital ads, and have noticed a great evolution since the moment they implemented them, adding the benefits of automation and converting to programmatic advertising along the way. Perfect for achieving marketing goals.

Brands bet with their eyes closed on the power of programmatic advertising, so it is time to move forward, to expand your business and reach the public you are looking for.

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