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Best Real Estate Blogs for True Inspiration

The real estate market is increasingly competitive, so those agencies that are not able to update themselves end up succumbing to the others. And, in the middle of the year 2022, the secret of the update is, of course, on the internet.

Consumers are increasingly computerized and, with the imminent arrival on the market of generations that live on the internet, such as Generation Z, making a dent in the network is more necessary than ever.

It is a fact that one of the best tools to stand out on the internet and increase an audience is certainly a blog. Almost every real estate agency today has a blog. Blogs help a lot to those businesses that want to position themselves in the first results of search engines like Google. But not every blog online is a high quality blog. So we’d like to share a compilation of some of the best real estate blogs that truly deserve recognition in 2022.

What makes a real estate blog “the best”?

The factors that make a real estate blog the best, according to the criteria that we have followed, are the quality of its content, the frequency with which they publish, its adaptation to the internet (web design and style) and the experience within the page (if it navigates well, if there are no broken links, etc…). If you are a professional in the sector, surely this list of blogs will inspire you to create your own.

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs of 2022

Home Bay

This blog’s mission is to help you buy or sell a property in Cantabria. Their blog is updated to 2022 and, despite being an agency with a regional presence, they publish with an enviable frequency and their content is useful for the user. In its pages you can find from the reasons to move to a region of Cantabria to tips for home decoration. Therefore, their vision goes beyond buying and selling; something that adds great value.

It also highlights its web design, very visual and pleasing to the eye, which is well structured and helps the user to find each other at any time. In addition, the blog is divided into categories of interest: Buying, selling, renting, home decoration…

The only drawback that we’d mention is that the articles are a bit short and do not have a layout with titles, subtitles, bold and indented. Otherwise, Bahía Home is one of the real estate agencies with the best blog in 2022.

House Hunting

House Hunting is defined as a company specialized in real estate consultancy and brokerage. They advise their clients on property sales and offer a house hunting service. Its added value is that, in addition to advising owners from a real estate perspective, they also do so from a legal perspective.

Their blog is one of the best we have come across. It has a weekly publication frequency and they always find topics to talk about. In addition, we consider that they are very useful, highlighting the article: “Is it a good or bad time to make a real estate investment?”, which answers a question we all ask ourselves (according to House Hunting, it depends). Also their web design is very simple but modern.

Any catch? The page is somewhat slow as it loads many blog posts, which could be solved by limiting them to a page with a certain number of articles that can be navigated through tabs.

Future floor

The name of Future Floor is no coincidence: It is a real estate agency of the future. In addition to the services offered by a standard real estate, Future Floor has incorporated technology into their business, allowing the client to take virtual tours thanks to Virtual Reality. This adaptation to the modern technology is reflected in the blog, one of the best designed we have found. The publication frequency is optimal and they offer their readers quality articles that answer the most common questions that landlords and renters often have.

The page loads fast, it is easy to use and, in general, we have not found any faults. 5 Well Deserved Stars for Future Floor!

Farms La Clau

Farms La Clau, a real estate agency located in Sitges, also has a blog that offers good content. This time we have to say that the articles are not as frequent as we’d like, but there is an average of one new blog post per month, and the posts tend to be a little longer. Another con: Poor web browsing, since the sliding sidebar is hidden and you have to scroll down.

However, Farms La Clau is included in the list of the best real estate blogs for its well-known work in Sitges and its incredible services, among which is the real estate coach.


Durendesse’s blog stands out not only for their informative work in the real estate sector, but also for being a blog with a variety of topics that wants to offer the reader a whole lifestyle. For example: Fun plans for Christmas, sustainable home decoration… This extra contribution is what has given it a special hook to appear on this list.

But we miss a more optimal web design on the page, which would also help improve the user experience. Some links are broken and some of the code can be seen in the page layout.


Renovalia is a network of real estate agencies in Almería, Granada and Málaga that are committed to online business. They have focused their blog on providing information that is useful to investors. Thus, they talk about the price drops and the purchase of premises, the forecasts for the real estate sector in 2022 or the way to calculate the value of a home.

Some inconvenience? The layout of the page is missing a twist, and we think navigation could be improved if blog posts were listed in a smaller list, as it’s hard to get to the bottom of the page to see previous posts.


Start has more than twelve years of experience selling houses and has an excellent real estate news blog. Although their entries generally have a good layout, it should be noted that some lack it. So, the quality of the content is somewhat veiled by the lack of visual appeal.

We highlight web browsing, since it is easy to find articles of interest related to the one we are reading, and they have a categorization of all their entries. In addition, it is clear that they have been working on the blog for long time, since they have more than 1000 entries.


Cityfloors offers a very useful blog that is very well linked to its services. It is clear to the client from the beginning that the blog is not only informative, but one where you can get the help you need to sell or buy a property.

We liked the simple web design and the ease of navigating on the page without intrusions, as well as the form at the end, which makes things very easy to contact the real estate agency. We also love the 360-degree photograph of their office in the “Who are we?” section. Even though we miss a photograph of the team to make the page more human.

Guinot Prunera

Guinot Prunera has a history of more than one hundred years. With such a track record, it’s no wonder that their blog is one of the best in 2022, because we’re sure Guinot knows that they have to adapt or die.

Although their blog is useful, we miss more originality in their theme and a more visual design. The blog hardly has any entries, but it is updated into 2022 and we are sure that they will continue to do just as well as they have done up to now.

A great point in their favor is that their website is very well organized and it is hard to get lost.


Withfor’s blog is, without a doubt, one of the most useful and well-structured. As they define it: «in this section you will find relevant content so that you can learn more about Barcelona, ​​the latest developments in the real estate sector, the advantages of betting on a more sustainable and ethical space, as well as information of interest for your daily living”.

The best thing about this blog is that the posts are long and well structured, so their quality is one of the best. The bad thing is that they have not published since December 2020, and the frequency is something necessary on the internet.

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