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7 Weird Ways The Rich Show Off Their Wealth

Public perception is a key factor in the evolution of status symbols.

Jonah Berger, a Wharton professor, says that if enough people follow a particular trend, action, or brand, it can alter its meaning. He wrote this book, “Invisible Influence”: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior.

Status symbols can go beyond economic and cultural contexts. The ability to have more than two children is a status symbol because of the high cost of living in New York. A home is a status symbol in Singapore, however, because of the high cost of land.

While traditional symbols of wealth such as private jets, yachts, and Rolex watches are common, they can also be used to denote status.

These seven symbols represent social status around the globe.

1. New York – raising children

According to Dr. Wednesday Martin, having a large family is a status symbol for wealthy mothers in New York City, where it can be very expensive to raise children.

“Three was a new two, something that you just did in this habitat. Four was the new number three, before the conversation would end. But it is no longer unusual. Five did not signify that you were insane or a religion. It simply meant that you were wealthy.”

Martin believes children are more than status symbols. They allow mothers to show off their individuality and strut before others. She said that Upper East Side mothers wear small medallions with the initials of their children around their necks, as well as a ring for each child.

2. Singapore – owning properties

Home ownership is the highest status symbol in Singapore because of its limited land. Millionaires invest millions to buy single-family homes in exclusive neighborhoods like Holland Village and Orchard Road.

Cushman & Cushman’s senior researcher and research director Christine Li told Bloomberg’s Yoojung Le that owning a piece land in Singapore is a privilege. “Land is the city-state’s most valuable resource.” Wakefield Inc., Singapore. “Land prices have risen significantly over the past five decades.” This has led to wealth creation for older generations.”

3. India – A house in Mayfair London

According to Sudeshna, the Indian elite are moving to London’s high-end property market in order to purchase houses. Black Brick, London’s largest independent buying agent, informed Sen that Mayfair is a Thriving neighborhood in London’s West End and one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for Indian buyers.

Owning a Mayfair home has become an increasingly prominent status symbol. A family of four Indians could get $ 400,000 from India before 2015. However, the Reserve Bank of India changed their policy and now allows for $ 1,000,000. The Indian home-buyers have seen a 13% increase in sales since the change.

4. Russia – Luxury cars

While luxury cars are an important status symbol in many countries, their significance in Russia is greater. lya Merenzon is a Russian-American businessman who has shared his story with Conde Nast Traveler about meeting a Russian MP. He told him that he had once seen a Russian politician and said: “I never begin a meeting without seeing the car the person drives.” It doesn’t have to be a BMW or Mercedes, it will not be accepted.

Russians consider luxury cars to be such important status symbols they will pay anything for them even if it means spending less.

5. UK – Norland’s Nannies

The prestigious Norland College in Europe is a renowned school for babysitting. Nannies who attend this school are highly valued by wealthy families all over the globe, Lara Pendergrast explained to The Spectator.

They are popular in the UK because they are based at the school. Tal Dekel-Daks of Departures says that Norland’s nannies make the best babysitters among the British elite. Graduates make between $ 36,493 to $ 58,552 and $ 48,793 in London, and between $ 84,343 and $ 84,543 outside of London.

6. United Arab Emirates – Hawks

Falconry is an integral part of the United Arab Emirates’ Middle Eastern culture. Nomads have used falcons for centuries to hunt food.

Falconers in the UAE train falcons to compete in the President’s Cup. This national competition is worth up to $ 7,000,000 in prizes. These birds are a status symbol, similar to luxury European sports cars.

Pets with their own passports can fly in the cabins on Middle Eastern airlines. They also receive first-class treatment.

7. China – Eye-catching Brand Logos

In recent seasons, the logos of luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have seen a worldwide revival on runways. The trend is gaining popularity in Western cultures. However, China is experiencing a significant increase. Logos were once viewed with disdain in China ten years ago. However, today, they are viewed as a sign of luxury status.

The trend was sparked by China’s obsession for hip-hop and streetwear. The global elite are now embracing luxury streetwear, but the roots of this trend lie in China. The Chinese reality TV show, “The Rap of China”, was an instant hit and spurred interest in streetwear brands. It was undoubtedly the most influential platform for hip-hop culture and streetwear in China’s history.

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