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The Future of Online Shopping

Online purchases have taken a significant boom in recent years, and much more so since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many people have decided to use eCommerce to take advantage of the offers that appear there and purchase the products they want without leaving home. This is how Adobe has done a study to analyze this phenomenon and, in addition, make a projection of its performance for this decade.

This study highlights that, over the last year, online shopping behaviors and preferences have continued to change. 87% of shoppers surveyed say the things they care about influence how and where they shop. Also, consumers visit websites more often before buying.

To take full advantage of the continued growth of online shopping, retailers must understand the wants and needs of consumers.

For this study, Adobe surveyed 9,565 consumers in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), who have made virtual purchases more frequently during 2021. “By making purchases almost exclusively online for more than a year, consumers have realized the speed and comfort that this modality offers. Now they want more,” said Peter Bell, general manager of UKI enterprise marketing and EMEA business marketing at Adobe.

Online shopping is becoming more reliable

This Adobe EMEA study has many highlights, one of them being the fact that shoppers in various regions are becoming more comfortable with e-commerce and have become more open to new experiences at every stage of the consumer journey.

As shoppers gain confidence in the Internet, expectations are also changing, with factors ranging from buying all kinds of products like personal care items, technology or home products, while looking for comfort with technology to security of spending. For example, the study shows that more than half (51%) of consumers, are happier to make more expensive online purchases, which could represent a great opportunity for retailers.

Over the last nine months, things have changed for online shoppers. 44% of respondents say they have bought a product online at a retailer where they had not been before, while 38% say they have ordered products online and then picked it up in-store, using the “Click and Collect” option.

Likewise, 28% said they had tried a new type or method of payment that they had not used before (for example, e-wallets, “buy now and pay later”), 24% said they had purchased products or services through social networks, while 21% have confessed to having returned products they had ordered online to a store.

Online shopping is booming

On the other hand, the study also talks about the fact that the general relaxation of the confinement has not made consumers think that they will make fewer purchases online. On the other hand, it analyzes the behavior of consumers, which has undergone notable changes, some of which are here to stay.

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