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" Just Brits "
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about Austin7s on Rt. 66!
Five Baby Austins from the UK on "The Mother Road" !!
Pics from Countryside, IL !
Austin 7s on Route 66 !!

For "size" reflect on the human vs car!!

Eileen Cooke, Richard Bishop & Ken Cook

                just chatting !!
Eileen Cooke, Richard Bishop & Ken Cook

     "posed" by Eileen & Ken's car !!    
George & Joy Mooney's

1934 Cambridge Special
Hants, England
Eileen & Ken Cooke's
1930 4 Seater Tourer

Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England
Richard & Marlies Bishop's
1938 Sports Tourer

Exeter, Devon, England
Vince Leek's 1929 Tourer           

   Warminster, Wilts, England        
           with Diana Garside                 North Carolina
Stan Price from Carlisle

1932 'box'
and Chris Parkhurst from Aylesbury

Not pictured but GREATLY appreciated:
Veronica Garside & Wendy Hider from Swindon, Wilts, England
& River Dukes from North Carolina

in a support vehicle (Honda).

To follow this trip and it's antics, click HERE!!

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