My Favorite AND most EXPENSIVE tool!!
Ed Kaler

At precisely 7:10 on October 20, 2002 Brad Fornal from List penned and I quote:

"It helps to have a bolt about 3" or 4" long to screw into the center of the shaft to help remove and adjust the sucker.

I had to do this on the 65 several times. I was fortunate to have had the help of Geary Gowins when I was finally able to get it to start.

To remove the shaft to re-orient it, pull the dizzy (loosen the clamp is the easiest way) then remove the clamp, and then the two bolts that hold the clamp mount down. This mount can be a bear to remove, but it MUST come out to remove the shaft. All this can be done with the engine in the car."

The string keeps the entire mess from dropping in the sump!! PITA !!