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5 Common Mistakes When We Feel Overwhelmed

When we are in charge of a business, and we handle several projects at the same time, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. The important thing is not to resign yourself to falling into that emotional state for a long time, and above all to learn to detect those self – sabotaging behaviors in which we can fall.

It is that these mistakes are not only going to make us feel more frustrated, but they can make the business situation worse. Surely you already have an idea of what your most common reactions are when it seems that everything is going to fall apart. But today we want to help you identify them clearly and learn how to react in a more practical and healthy way.

Mistake # 1. Assume that we are weak

When do we feel burdened? Generally, when we have many things to solve at the same time, or we start with a large project. These situations always put us to the test, and require us to learn something new, or acquire new skills. And the most common reactions that we tend to fall into is to become hypercritical of ourselves, perfectionists and guilty.

To do? Take each challenge as an opportunity to learn something new and to become better, regardless of the result. To accept the burden, but without allowing that it does not allow us to advance and then we fall into procrastination. In these times, it is important to learn to embrace our vulnerabilities and focus more on our strengths.

Mistake # 2. Believe that your biggest problem is time

With so much information available, it is generally clear to people what they need to better run the business and feel better on a personal level. But at the same time, they discard these options because they do not have time to include anything else on their agenda, or because “the time is not right.”

But the reality is that we do not lack time, we lack priorities. And when the months go by and we can’t get on with anything that’s really important to us, the burden can only increase. So get into a more practical mindset and take action. For example, do you want to start meditating? While you’re researching studios or instructors teaching in your area, or asking for references, look up a YouTube video today and start this routine tomorrow as soon as you get out of bed.

Mistake # 3. Not focus

The other mistake we make when we feel overwhelmed is trying to do everything at once. And without focus and attention on the task we are developing, the results are most likely not as expected.

Be realistic about the number of things you can solve in the day , and make a list that takes into account priorities and urgencies. Also, take time to clear your mind and regain energy , for example through a walk, a yoga session, or music. It is extremely difficult to stop when time is running out, but give it a try and you will see how those few minutes to yourself can calm your anxiety and even increase your creativity.

Mistake # 4. Become stiffer

Stress is a self-defense reaction, which tends to make us lose flexibility and self-confidence . Therefore, when faced with a problem, we apply old recipes, or we cling to the reasoning that always worked for us in certain situations.

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Hi, my name is Tony Overton. I'm a businessman and engineer with a corporate management background. I try my best to keep fit and healthy and to develop a good work / life balance where I can experience the best that life has to offer whilst pursuing my business focus to be the most successful that I can be. On this blog, you will find out how I am able to achieve the success and results and at the same time talk about lifestyle topics that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

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