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3 Personal Finance Books To Improve Your Economy

Personal finances are part of daily life. Living in a state of financial well-being and carefree is an aspiration of all people, no matter what their income level is.

That is why in recent years there have been some personal finance books that try to guide people to improve their economy, spend their money better and achieve financial freedom.

Here, we recommend three books that will help you understand how your personal finances work and how you can put them in positive numbers.

What Do I Do With My Money?

The book written by Martí Saballs tries to explain what to do once you have a certain amount of savings , that is, if it is convenient for you to invest, have it in the bank or what would be the best investment.

The point of the book is not to be an investment manual, but to solve some of the most common questions people have about how to make more money and set investment goals, so it tries to be as educational as possible.

Martí Saballs is a journalist and has worked in the economic media for almost 30 years. He is currently deputy director at El Mundo and previously at the Spanish newspaper Expansión.

The Money Code

This is a starting book to delve into financial education. The author, Raimon Samsó, worked for more than 15 years in different multinational companies and banks, finally resigning from his last job and starting from scratch.

All the knowledge acquired during his work and this change in life was synthesized in this book: The Money Code , in which he explains how to diversify and multiply income to achieve financial freedom.

He argues that people’s relationship with wealth begins in their own minds, and as long as this mentality is not changed, greater prosperity or financial stability cannot be achieved.

The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

This book also starts from the idea that the relationship we have with money is given by subconscious patterns that do not allow us to move forward.

If people do not change these patterns, it is very difficult for them to get money and although they do for a while, they tend to lose it very quickly, so their personal finances are always in check.

Here you will find a series of steps to change your habits and begin to achieve your financial life goal and improve your personal finances.

The author of this book, Harv Eker, is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. For many years he started several businesses until he finally found one that was successful and after selling it he became a millionaire. However, despite all the effort, he had not learned to manage money, and everything he had achieved he lost in a few years.

After all this process, he learned several lessons that are reflected in this book, The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind . Lessons that he applied in his own life, thereby regaining the prosperity he had lost.

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Hi, my name is Tony Overton. I'm a businessman and engineer with a corporate management background. I try my best to keep fit and healthy and to develop a good work / life balance where I can experience the best that life has to offer whilst pursuing my business focus to be the most successful that I can be. On this blog, you will find out how I am able to achieve the success and results and at the same time talk about lifestyle topics that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

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