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What You Need To Know To Send By Courier

If you already have an online store, or you are thinking of selling online in the coming months, it is important that you define how you are going to send the products to your customers. Daily logistics is a fundamental aspect of e-commerce, and one of the main causes of the success or failure of so many projects.

Keep in mind that hiring a good parcel service provider will not only allow you to give your buyers accurate information about the time and cost of a shipment, but also speed up the order delivery processes and maintain excellence in the delivery. customer service. And that will increase the chances that they will buy from you again, or that they will recommend your products.

So today we are going to tell you everything you need to know to send by parcel , and so that you can also do it efficiently, economically and safely . Let’s start with the types of shipments that we have available.

Types of shipments

According to what you want to offer your client, what the competition is doing and the budget you have available, you can consider the following options.

Express delivery

Depending on the provider, that can mean the same day or in 24 hours. In general, it is requested that the delivery be made before a certain time, and that the package has certain dimensions and weight. Of course, the cost is higher, and it will depend on the postal code of the recipient.

Delivery in 48 hours

It is an express delivery to destinations that are further away from the main urban centers of the country, and that due to logistical difficulties cannot be reached only the next day.

Delivery in three to five days

This is standard shipping , which offers the lowest rates. It is ideal when it comes to non-perishable products, or that customers have no urgency to receive.

free shipping

It is one of the first factors that customers take into account when making a purchase decision, so it is an excellent strategy to position a brand and increase sales. But it is a cost that companies have to absorb , and that must be taken into account when calculating profitability. A recommended strategy in this case is to establish a minimum purchase amount, or include the cost of shipping in the final price of the product.


Direct parcels

They are the courier companies that deliver products directly to the buyer’s home, or to a previously agreed delivery point (for example, a branch of those companies).

Among the most important logistics operators of this type in Mexico are FedEx, DHL and Estafeta. And providers more focused on the current needs of e-commerce, such as 99Minutos, Pickit or Moova.

Parcel groupers

They are companies that group different parcels , and therefore can offer multiple services at the same time and automate some processes. For example, they offer prepaid guide packages and more competitive prices for a certain volume of shipments of the same weight. And they also allow you to schedule the pickup of the packages and perform a more detailed tracking of the packages.

If you are interested in this type of provider, investigate what companies such as Tuenvio.com, Skydropx (which has its own logistics software) or Pack & Pack can offer you.

Packing and packing

With this information in hand, now you need some more information to request a quote from the different providers. Among them, the dimension and weight of the packages.

To determine them, the first thing you have to define is how you are going to package the product so that it reaches your customer in perfect condition. Especially when it comes to delicate items, such as jewelry or gourmet food. As for the packaging, it is the box or any other type of container for the transport and handling of the shipment. When selecting materials, it is important not to exceed weight and volume, but at the same time to privilege that the shipment is not damaged by bumps or falls during transport.

How to choose the best option for your business

Now that you are ready to request a quote, these are the other important points to keep in mind to start working with the best provider.

Volume and characteristics of shipments

In addition to the dimensions and weight of the packages, do you already have an idea of how many shipments you will make per week? Are the packages fragile, or do they need some special handling ?

The geographical area

Are you going to ship all over the country, or even abroad? Or in a first stage are you going to limit yourself to looking for clients in your city? Do you need the collection service? Does the supplier you are interested in offer insurance against damage or theft of the merchandise? These data will allow you to apply a first filter to the initial list of providers, since, for example, not all of them operate nationally and internationally.

Integration with the e-commerce platform

Finally, you have to consider how you are going to integrate direct parcel or parcel bundler services with your e-commerce site. For example, in the case of 99 Minutes, you only have to register an account on its page and install the corresponding plug-in in your e-commerce in order to create and manage orders in real time (before, you must make sure that this may be possible). Remember that, in the case of a grouper, it can offer you monthly plans and 24-hour customer service, but you must have a minimum volume of shipments per month.

And of course, there is always the option for your company to personally take care of the shipments, either because they are delivered directly to the branches of the logistics operators, or because they have their own team of couriers and one or more vehicles. In the end, everything will depend on the maturity stage of the business, the resources available and, above all, the characteristics of the products and the needs of the customers.

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