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Big Data 3 Examples Of Innovative Projects

Three innovative projects show us that Big Data can help change the world.

In the same way that we can say that for a few years Big Data has impacted our lives, even if we weren’t aware of it.

Massive data processing has proven to be exceptionally profitable for many companies. At the sales and marketing level, we can say that there is no tool as powerful as Big Data. In fact, the most important digital services today, such as Spotify, Amazon, Google and others, could not exist if it were not for the advances achieved by Big Data., which allows them to take full advantage of the enormous amount of information they handle.

On this path towards discovering the true potential of Big Data , we will surely find a significant number of failures, but on the other hand, we can find projects and ideas that had been unthinkable until now and that have great potential to significantly influence the future. We present three of them:

1. Big Data and the protection of endangered species

One of the most important features of Big Data is to analyze large amounts of data in order to identify patterns and make predictions. Under this premise, a team of scientists from the Snow Leopard Trust and the National Conservation Foundation have implemented a Big Data system to prevent where and when there was a high probability that hunters will try to illegally hunt Indian poachers.

The dataset used for this purpose included sightings of the tigers , as well as the exact locations.of cases of illegal hunting of the same animals. As a result of the study, it was possible to identify approximately 73 areas of high illegal activity, the vast majority being a surprise to local authorities. Creating new hope for the endangered species of the entire planet.

2. Eradicate malaria using mobile phones and Big Data

Approximately 400,000 children die each year from malaria, and in part this is due to a lack of information about it . This disease is especially devastating in developing countries like Africa , where it is really difficult to maintain control over infections and their massive outbreaks.

The good news is that mobile telephony has managed to reach all parts of the world, generating a large and important amount of information about its users. Until now, due to the immense amount of data, it had been impossible to take advantage of it for the benefit of human well-being. With this new possibility, various researchers and even the Google company have been launched in order to use this information to monitor the migratory movements of people in risk areas in order to identify and prevent possible outbreaks of contagion.

3. Quantification of “green” in our cities

The MIT city planning and analysis department has developed the Treepedia project under the concept of “ Smart Cities ”. Where they have managed to use the images registered in the most common geolocation services , such as Google Street View to identify and quantify the portion of green , that is, public vegetation, which is part of our vision when touring cities.

Analyzing these images, and processing them with Big Data they have managed to obtain a “Green View index“Of the most important cities in the world, managing to identify the important deficiencies of public green in the cities where we live. This serves as the basis for future city development and for the next urban level actions to be taken to improve the cities of the future.

With these few examples, we can see how technology in the company of human ingenuity has unmatched potential for creative solutions to problems, no matter how big or small. A tool like Big Data , which a priori may seem like another tool for sales and marketing, has the potential to help change the world of the future.

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