Parker's MGA
Matt Kuba Parker
     Parker was 14 when a neighbor decided to sell his 1957 MGA roadster. Parker had admired it for a long time and the MGA was not going on this particular corporate move. So, Parker, used his lawn mowing savings to pay cash for his first car. He was thrilled. He worked on it in the garage during every spare moment trying to tune it up and fix all the affordable parts.

     He finally got his license two years later and was so proud to drive his own car. This was huge for Parker in the self-esteem department. He joined the MG Club of Chicago and was treated as a car owner, not just a teenager. He raced in some of the rallies with his buddies, who were very impressed. He tried autocross and even ended up with a few trophies.

     Owning a little British car has so many advantages that I can only advise any mother to let her son become a car owner. I have several favorite stories. One was when Parker had decided to enter his car in the British Car Show in the early fall one year. He had worked on it and worked on it in preparation. Then, very early Sunday morning of the show, I decided that he should not drive to the show without a "chase car" just in case something should go wrong on the way to the show. There is no one on I-294 early on Sunday so it was easy to spot the two beautifully restored MG's as they came up behind us in the fast lane. They pulled even with us and seemed to be checking Parker's car over as the matched our slow pace. Then, both drivers doffed their caps to Parker as if to show that he had been accepted. Parker returned the doff with his own British cap. I cried in the chase car. What a wonderful milestone for a young mechanic. Another great moment was when Parker was returning home from an academic competition at the high school. He turned the corner of our street and the MG died. He got out, went under the car, and was soon upright again kicking the tires in disgust. He had no other choice but to push. At that very moment, on that very corner, the high school girls' soccer team had just finished practicing for the day. And, someone noticed that he was pushing. So, they all dropped their gear and decided to help push him two blocks home. What a picture I had when he arrived home in the driver's seat with the entire girls' soccer team pushing and cheering.

     Having an MG has been a wonderful experience.

What a great learning experience.
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