Scott Hower's 1973 MGB

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Macungie, PA

"I've added, err, subtracted some elements to make her look like an earlier car:
I removed the side marker lights on the fenders and fitted two piece turn signals. Also has Euro-spec Lucas taillights."
"The paint is Glasurit acrylic urethane in Damask red, (with many hours of color sanding!)"

MGB Speaker cut-out Solution.
Courtsey of:
Scott Hower

"A PO of my B also cut up the rear bulkhead to fit a pair of 6x9s. I added a CD player and fit some speakers to fill the void. Being the anal-retentive-type, I carpeted the boot. But the hacked-up look of that panel always bugged me. What to do...
For about $5 and an hour of labor, I made a false back out of 3/4in particleboard and fit it parallel to the bulkhead. I relocated the boot lamp to the false back. Velcro strips on the speaker magnets hold it snug."
"WARNING: I used one of those cheap snap-the-blade-off-utility-knives to make a template out of cardboard. Being the anal-retentive-type, I had the blade extended to get a *really* close fit around the boot hinge when the blade snapped. This stunt cost me a midnight trip to the emergency room for a tetnous shot and 11 stitches to sew the tip of my finger back on. A year later and I am just now regaining feeling. Be careful out there :-)"

" Here's a photo of my console.
A bit of careful rearranging and you can fit a couple of extra Smiths gauges in.
The nondescript switch on the left has since been replaced with a proper Lucas foglight switch;
it now resides where the blanking plug on the right used to live and controls the tick,
if you know what I mean :-) "

The End !