Brad Buchanan's 1960 BT7 #7962 Denver, CO

I am interested in selling my Austin-Healey.

I am only the third owner, and all of us have been Healey lovers. The second owner was
the best man at my wedding and I can vouch for his and my fanaticism for keeping the
car in great shape. That accounts for the last 20 plus years.
The car is in very good condition,interior, exterior, and engine. 
That said, it is has been kept religiously stock, kept indoors forever, and doesn't have a
speck of rust on it anywhere. I love the car, but hardly drive it anymore, and someone
who has the time and inclination to make it perfect, or one who is looking for a stunning driver should have this great car.

I've got the side curtains, and a new uninstalled tanneau cover as the old one is starting
to show some wear at the snaps. I've also got a full copy of the original shop manual that
has served me very well over the years.

Brakes are in good shape, and there are good Pirellis all the way around.

It looks fantastic, white with a red interior, and runs perfectly.
The only issue it has is that the 1st synchro gear is a little rough.
Electric overdrive works perfectly.

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Page created April 13, 2006