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  Reading the Date Code on Tyres !

  Every tire has string of numbers and letters molded into the sidewall that tell the tire serial number, DOT compliance code, and when the tire was made. This information is usually found near the rim, and often has a flat-head screw imprint both before and after it, as the information is stamped into a plate that is screwed into the tire mold. Look at the last three numbers in the code to get the week of manufacture and the year. If the last three numbers were 127, this would mean the tire was made the in the 12th week of 1997 (or 1987, for that matter). Why would you want to know this? Well, if you're buying a car and the owner says they just put on new tires, but they don't look that new, check the date code. Be aware that you can buy new tires that may have been sitting in a warehouse for a few years, but the date code is usually less than 2 years old for new tires.  

Page created June 11, 2007