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Carrera Panamericana Rally Info Needed?!?
by Carlos Cruz.

  Fellow Healey Enthusiasts,

I'm working on a small research project and I'm hoping I can jump start it with the collective wisdom of the group.  If the topic of vintage rallies doesn't interest you, please feel free to delete this note at this time.  The rally in question is the Carrera Panamericana Mexico 1955 - 1965 and in particular, Healey racing teams.

I have tracked down a couple of original black & white photos of a #8 white over blue 100 right-hand drive.  One picture is of the car at, I believe, the start and one of the car after an accident.  The pictures are labeled 1958 but I suspect the year to be incorrect.  I don't know who the driver is - that's one of the pieces of info I'm hoping to gather.  I suspect it's Carol Shelby's accident in 1954.  He drove a Healey in the rally in November of 1954 after helping DMH set 70 new Class D records at Bonneville Salt Flats in August of the same year.

Back to the rally, story goes Shelby crashes into a large rock and flips his Healey >several times at the 175 Kilometer marker just north of Oaxaca.  He evidently was tended to by local Indians that found him after the crash.  They apparently offered him some strong drinks to ease the pain of his broken bones, contusions and a shattered elbow.

The two pictures I have are not sourced from the same place as the description of the event.  So I'm looking for a source to collaborate the fact that the pictures and story go together or not.  I also have two pictures of either the same car (restored) or a reproduction taken at Pebble Beach a few years ago.  I would attach the photos but they will only be stripped off.  I can send them to anyone who is interested.

I would also be interested in any other photos or stories of any Healey racing teams running the Carrera Panamericana rallies during the late 50's and early '60's.

Thank you in advance for sharing your time and info.

Please feel free to WRITE   me with your thoughts/ideas/info!!

Pics below.

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