Special Big Healeys
Special People !
Ned Smith's BJ-8 John Solderling's "Erica the Red"
The Alaska BJ-8 Bruce Steele's '60 BN-7
David W. Jones' 1962 BT-7 Mk. II Don Anglesey's BN-4
Scott Willis's "Rescued" BN-7 Mitch Appel's BJ-7
Fall Fest at Moss Motors, NJ.
Dave & Marlene Russell's BN-2 Allen Miller's BN-2/M
"The Worst of the Decade??" The SECOND Worst??
Ron Rader's BJ-8
"Feldman's Fleet"!!!
(100-6 & BJ -8s
Earls Court  100-6 A-H Fastback Hardtop Ghia A-H
San Diego
Automotive Museum Display
Alex Mendelsohn's
"Healey Collection."
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Updated 3/21/07